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US and International Market Engagement

Opportunities as vast as space itself.

The Global satellite industry  is a $203 billion dollar industry spanning government and commercial markets.  The United States and Europe represent over two thirds of this market and provide significant opportunities for cross-marketing of solutions.  Capitalizing on these opportunities requires effectively managing two unique areas:

  • Export Control Regulation:  Not only compliance with relevant export controls, but also understanding when and where they apply.  Managing and dispelling the perception of this as a barrier to international business is the largest challenge.  
  • Cultural Differences in Technical Solutions:  The underlying program and process assumptions for space system development have subtle differences between the US markets (NASA, DoD) and European markets (ESA) which, if not well understood, easily result in underbidding or overbidding opportunities when compared to domestic competitors.  

At Winston and Cooper we understand the unique legal, cultural, and technical challenges to navigate these cross market opportunities.  We provide our clients with the following:

  • Dispel the perception of export control as a barrier to international business by understanding and navigating the legal export controls, timelines, and where and when they apply.
  • Assist companies in tailoring their bids and processes to the expectations in a target market.  What do local competitors include in their bids that may be undercutting foreign bids?
  • Architect and select technologies, strategic partners, and team roles and responsibilities  which provide the best geographic return for a given opportunity.
  • Strategic assessment of the viability of an international offer for a given opportunity

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