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Technical Business Development

Innovative solutions in the space industry

Space provides unique advantages and opportunities for scientific, remote sensing and communication applications.  Recent reductions in the cost of developing space based systems, and the potential of low cost commercial launch services, has resulted in a dramatic growth of  business opportunities in space.  These opportunities view space as a venue for commerce instead of a destination.  

Space is, however, a uniquely challenging and unforgiving environment very different from the safe confines of the terrestrial lab environment or consumer world.  At Winston and Cooper, our team has over 20 years of experience in solving these challenges and developing complex systems for space.  Our team has worked with both government and commercial clients to help springboard new space capabilities.  Winston and Cooper has the expertise to:

  • Develop a product path to space for a commercial technology
  • Understand the complexities of cost vs. risk trades with respect to system performance, reliability and durability
  • Guide technology insertion to strategically evolve a space capability

To achieve this, Winston and Cooper provides the following specialized services and capabilities to:

  • Assess the suitability of a system for space
    • What are the limiting performance factors?
    • What elements can survive the rigors of space?
    • Analysis of alternatives – is there a better or existing way to achieve these results
  • Provide tactical design choices and alternatives for space
    • Is this the best orbit for the applications?  Are other orbits equally as useful and “easier”
    • Guide component selection for electrical, electronic and electromagnetic parts intended for LEO, MEO, GEO and deep space applications – all within the environmental and cost targets of a system
  • Take a proof of concept system and ensure it has a path to space
  • Critical design support to navigate the funding and review process of both investment and US government opportunities.

Winston and Cooper understands the technical and cost sensitivity needs of not only the space community but also clients looking to enter the space market.  Our team’s expertise can provide companies a springboard to meet their space ambitions.  

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