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The sky is no longer the limit.

Winston and Cooper Consulting is uniquely focused on meeting the challenging demands of today’s space industry. Whether it’s new technology initiatives for traditional space clients or springboarding NewSpace companies, Winston and Cooper has the expertise and talent to assist you. With 20 years of experience in providing novel and innovative solutions for space, Winston and Cooper is ideally positioned to help you realize your space ambitions.

Business Development

Early project life cycle leadership from proposal to award and early systems engineering.  Winston and Cooper provides novel and compelling technical solutions tailored to provide the “best competitive value

Evaluation and Springboard

The space industry is exploding with entrepreneurial opportunities.  Sorting through the claims to understand if a technology is “real” and ready for the next step in development is a core capability for Winston and Cooper.

Evaluation and Springboard

In addition to evaluating technology for space, we can also help the developer community to transition technologies from terrestrial use to the rigors of space.  

US and International Market Engagement

Bridging space process and procedural cultures across NASA, US DoD, ESA, and commercial clients, in order to more cross market technologies.