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Technical Business Development

Innovative solutions in the space industry

At Winston and Cooper we understand that innovative and realizable solutions to demanding technical problems are the cornerstone to success in today’s space industry.  Solutions must not only meet the technical objectives in terms of performance, size, mass and power, they must also be affordable and compatible with today’s rapid program schedules.  

Technical business development at Winston and Cooper is a hands on process that spans the entire project lifecycle with particular emphasis on new business development and early systems engineering. Supporting client business development efforts, Winston and Cooper provides extensive capture management expertise to best position clients for new contracts.  

We have a demonstrated track record of:

  • Understanding the value of strategic engagements and internal vs external resources
  • Evaluating the anticipated cost targets for a given opportunity
  • Assessing the competitive landscape and the market valuation of technologies
  • Identifying key discriminators that set a solution apart from the competition
  • Understanding how to achieve and market the best “total value” solution to clients.  
  • Bridging space process and procedural cultures across NASA, US DoD, ESA, and commercial clients, in order to cross market technologies

Our expertise is squarely rooted in solving hard problems and providing advanced technical frameworks to clients.  We thrive on helping clients architect solutions using the latest technology while ensuring that the solutions can meet the rigors of not only space, but also the commercial marketplace.  

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • High speed systems for advanced data storage, processing and computing
  • Electrical power system architectures at the spacecraft and subsystem level
  • CCSDS Telecommand and Telemetry Systems
  • High performance data acquisition systems
  • Fault tolerant architectures (block redundant, cross-strapped, MxN redundant)
  • Low cost, high reliability architectures ideal for technology demonstration missions and NewSpace clients
  • Cross market engagement for US and European clients

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